Monday, July 15, 2013

Some funnies I made!

It's been a very rainy summer so far here in north eastern NH alternating with incredible heat so I haven't been able to work on any projects lately. We've also been planning for and then going on a last minute vacation so I haven't had much time for any DIY projects. I find that humor relieves my stress so I did make a few internet memes that I can share. That counts, right? - Wake me up when the kids are rich doctors and they can take care of me. - That moment when you discover the show you picked for your kid on Netflix without paying attention was a sing a long. - I hope the bus you threw me under swerves to hit you on the sidewalk. - Nothing brings a feeling of satisfaction quite like watching the Karma Train steam into I Told You So station. - Which would you prefer? Domestic Goddess? Or sex kitten? Until you're cooking and cleaning with six pack abs you're not getting both either. - Oh, yes. Please tell me more about how horrible a friend I am. Your hypocrisy is really quite entertaining.

Hope you had a good laugh!

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  1. I needed this so bad - thank you - don't stop blogging but it may be too late to tell you that :-(